Bienestar International is a social enterprise startup. We are developing a union-made casual apparel brand - No Sweat. Our clothing will be produced by independent trade union members in the US, Canada, EU and the developing world. We believe that the most viable response to globalization is to globalize the labor movement. Bienestar will market direct to the consumer, relying primarily on catalog sales for distribution. Our savings in advertising will offset our higher labor costs, enabling us to provide a competitive product. No Sweat will define the market for goods that empower labor while providing real material support for independent trade unions - the only historically proven solution to sweatshops.
Thank you for taking a minute to answer the following seven questions. Your privacy is absolutely guaranteed. If you have friends and family you think might be interested, please send them this link:
Assuming desirable styles, good quality and competitive prices, how likely would
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you be to purchase No Sweat clothing?
  Definitely Probably Probably

Given the above assumptions, how much would you be likely to spend on No Sweat apparel in an average year (either for yourself or others)?
$150 -
$50 -
     or Less

To sustain higher wages, we anticipate a minimal advertising budget. How likely would you be to forward information about No Sweat to friends and family via e-mail and web site referrals?
  Definitely Probably Probably

We will include a bumper sticker with our catalog mailing, reading, "Share the Wealth? No Sweat". How likely would you be to display this sticker?
  Definitely Probably Probably

We will encourage our core market of progressive consumers to purchase our product as gifts for friends and family. How likely would you be to purchase No Sweat clothing as gifts?
  Definitely Probably Probably

Would you like us to send you -
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